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Vikings United

Due to generous support from our Community, School and Board of Directors, we were able to create a Contingency Fund at the onset of the pandemic to support families experiencing financial hardship. The fund subsequently evolved into an Economic Temporary Support Program (or PEAT, for its acronym in Spanish) and 121 families benefited from this program throughout 2020.

Vikings United is a financial support program that aims to foster a culture of philanthropy in our community. Thus, it does not have a temporary nature, but rather seeks to be a permanent initiative to help families in need.

Families will be able to receive 15% to 50% discounts on tuition (after additional discounts and applicable scholarships) for up to three months, and only for one of their enrolled students. It is up to parents to decide which of their children they need support for. 

As a non-profit organization, all Peterson Schools’ income is allocated to the general operation of the school. Any revenues that exceed expenses are reinvested into the institution to consistently provide the best educational experience for our students.

To start promoting this culture of philanthropy, the Peterson Schools have given 300,000 MXN to the Vikings United initiative.

We hope that families in good financial health feel motivated to contribute with this cause. Any donation makes a difference. It will allow community members in economic distress to continue their educational journey in our institution despite the difficult circumstances they are facing. 

Vikings United marks a watershed in the history of Peterson Schools. Once more, it shows that the support of our members is what makes us a great community. We are all in the same boat and together we go further.


To make a donation you can do it from the following link:

Donate here!