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Formula 1 Hits Peterson Schools

Always striving for innovation and creativity, Peterson School opened an extracurricular activity in the 2022-23 school year to teach STEM-related topics to 7th-12th grade students in a visionary way.

The "F1 in schools" workshop allows children experience collaborating in the development, planning and building of a scale model car. Students are grouped by teams that will be challenged to attend regional and national competitions with the possibility of moving on to global competitions, developing their STEM skills (3D modeling and design, manufacturing, management, entrepreneurship and engineering using cutting-edge technologies) in an exciting competition.

Additionally, they will take on the challenge of raising funds to build their car and develop their own team. This team will accompany them every step of the way in the development of this car, and they will also have the support of the "F1 in Schools" community, as well as the great opportunity to get to know places of interest for F1 Mexico.

The teachers in charge of the workshop are:

  • Azucena Silis 
  • Christopher Peña 
  • Yair Xolalpa

If you are interested in supporting the students to build their car, please click send an email to professor Christopher Peña.


Find the tutorial on How to Donate here.