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Viking Run 2024

Thank you for joining the Viking Run 2024! We hope you enjoyed every step of this exciting race. To all the brave participants, we congratulate you for your dedication and Viking spirit. 

Congratulations to the winners for their impressive achievement:

Category 2-4 Obstacles Female

1. Emilia T.
2. Samantha G.
3. Lily C.

Category 2-4 Obstacles Male

1. Nicólas S.
2. Juan Carlos C.
3. Pato F.

Category 5-6 Obstacles Female

1. Svethlana J.
2. Isabella de P.
3. Regina L.

Category 5-6 Obstacles Male

1. Andrés P.
2. Patricio D.
3. Matias F.

Category 7-9 Obstacles Female

1. Regina V.
2. Renata G.
3. Valeria G.

Category 7-9 Obstacles Male

1. Iker G.
2. Ernesto P.
3. Santiago L.

Category 10-12 Obstacles Female

1. Sofía G.
2. Lucía L.
3. Cristina R.

Category 10-12 Obstacles Male

1. Claudio R.
2. Sebastián W.
3. Bosco C.
Category 5k female

Category 5k Female

1.Yasmin Alejandra
2.Ana Laura T.
3. Nora M.
Category 10k female

Category 10k Female

1.Juliana Neira I.
2.Lorena Ariza L.
3. Alejandra Q.
Category 5k Male

Category 5k Male

1.Lucas R.
2.Camilo Q.
3. Emiliano O.
Category 10k Male

Category 10k Male

1.Daniel T.
2.Sebastián C.
3. Elías F.
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To see the full results, click here.

See you next year!!

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