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Psychology Deparment


The Department of Psychology supports the Peterson Schools' Values Program through programs and activities suitable for a wide variety of ages. The program called Preschool Development Tables is for preventive purposes and the Emotions Workshop in the early years of Primary seeks to provide students with the opportunity to grow their emotional skills related to self-knowledge, self-esteem and relationships with others.


The psychologists involve parents in this process by providing written reports and convening meetings to give them feedback.


The Psychology Department endeavors to support students throughout High School with social-emotional wellness and offering orientation to promote conflict resolution. The department coordinates the work of a group of assessors that promote multidisciplinary teamwork among the students. It also works closely with the home to share knowledge and resources regarding psychology and social aspects to strengthen family relationships.

The Psychology Department also supports teachers individually or as a group to understand situations among students, identifying, following up and supervising relations and scenarios.



The Peterson Schools promote an educational program designed to discourage students' use of tobacco, alcohol and drugs and to promote a drug-free environment at school. All students and staff undergo random drug testing during the school year.