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Our Monthly Value: Loyalty


What does loyalty mean?

Give the best of oneself; be loyal to our principles and to those of the community. 

Dr. Carlos Alberto Pantoja Mélendez is a specialist with a Masters and Doctorate in Epidemiology from the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM). He’s responsible for the COVID-19 intelligence information at the Faculty of Medicine at the UNAM, as well as being the Professor of Public Health and the Professor of Contagious Outbreaks at the university.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the challenge represented by the implementation of measures and protocols, Dr. Pantoja’s guidance, we’ve been able to achieve a safe environment for our students, teachers, and employees. Dr. Pantoja



Carbon neutrality aims to achieve a balance between the amount of “greenhouse gases” (GHGs) released into the atmosphere by human activities, which contribute to global warming, and the amount of greenhouse gases that can be removed from the atmosphere naturally thanks to forests, soils, and oceans, or artificially using man-made technologies. Carbon Neutrality



United for a Good Cause: 


🥰 🎁Sharing and being thankful are great values we live by in our community. For more than 20 years, our families have shown their gratitude to our cleaning and maintenance staff by donating items to fill boxes of food they can share with their families during the winter holidays. Thank you for your continued support! 


EscuelaPromesa_HEADWhat is Escuela Promesa? 

An environmental education program for sustainable development. Working closely with schools, their goal is to transform the environmental culture beginning in preschool, and all the way up to High School. Their programs are not only among students but also include teachers, directors, maintenance staff, and parents.

Join us and bring your recycling items to campus! This is what you can bring. 

Upcoming recollection days: 

  • Lomas: Tuesday, 4th
  • Pedregal & Paseo: Tuesday, 18th
  • Cuajimalpa: Thursday, 20th
December Newsletter- Escuela Promesa