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Extended Learning



Kinder 1 and 2

The program is aimed at Preschool students and is focused on sequential learning in visual arts with classes that are based on concepts, skills and techniques. Most of the classes are an entertaining experience in art where the student can work and experiment individually or as part of a team.ART_1

Visual Expression:

*Uses lines, forms and colors

*Drawing, painting, modeling and printmaking

*Works of the masters and multicultural artistic experiences


Kinder 3

Lower Elementary School

Creativity in Art is a flexible program of studies at every level that sharpens and perfects students' sense or taste in visual art and allows them to express their emotions and knowledge. We offer a welcoming program of visual arts focused on students from K3 to lower Elementary School for children of every age and level of experience and which permits them to explore their creativity and master artistic tools with two classes per week.





Dance is a form of artistic communication and the expression of emotions, feelings, thoughts, images and moods in humans. It is also a means for students to entertain and enjoy rhythmic movements. For these reasons it is an activity that helps with children's formation by satisfying their need to express themselves and create via the knowledge of their bodies and help them discover the many ways they can move their bodies according to their evolutionary status and level of achievement, channeling their creative and energetic potential.

In addition, the dance class helps students develop other basic skills they will use throughout their lives such as coordination, spatial consciousness, memory, concentration, expression, and listening skills.





Children who learn the art of sculpture in plasticine are less inhibited in talking about their feelings, worries and problems. The workshop fulfills the needs of each child to mix, combine, integrate and sculpt plasticine with other materials so they can select their best option. In the plasticine sculpture class, we seek to give children a space that promotes expression and creativity and where they can develop their motor skills gradually and according to their skills.

In each class children realize a thematic project via creating characters, animals, caricatures, etc. With these they build a model related to themes they themselves choose. The workshop helps students with their coordination, fine motor skills and tactile sensibility.

The workshop also is an important exercise to increase their levels of concentrations. By working in plasticine, children strengthen their muscles and learn tolerance and patience.






Lower Elementary School

Playing chess helps children in their mental development. It increases their ability to calculate and develops their logical reasoning. It stimulates their creative imagination and strengthens their mental concentration. It stimulates their investigative and inventive abilities. It promotes memory and sharpens critical thinking. It creates positive habits, creative thought, mental discipline, memory, analysis and synthesis.