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The Peterson Schools use various physical activities to promote healthy habits, physical development, individual and team work, and values that lead to a well rounded lifestyle. 



We teach our students basketball to contribute to their all-round formation, usingthe sport as a tool to promote values, healthy habits, pleasure in physical activity, develop a teamwork mentality, dexterity and high-level technical fundamentals.


In the Gymnastics Workshop, students learn to balance their physical, mental and emotional skills via acrobatic exercises on the four apparatus used in artistic gymnastics and helping them to dominate their fear and achieve their individual goals. Our olympic gymnastic team trains rigorously, developing self-discipline, flexibility and the constant incorporation of the artistic methodology of the sport. 




Kinder 1 and 2 Goals

We seek to stimulate students' motor skills focused on gymnastics through attractive activities and teaching them to move their bodies in different directions and achieve various positions.


Kinder 3 and Elementary School Goals

Students' physical and mental skills are developed through acrobatic exercises on the four apparatus used in gymnastics - the floor, the balance beam, parallel bars and the horse - and developing their creativity through the choreography used in artistic gymnastics and concluding the work in competition.


Goals of the Gymnastics Team

We seek to perfect students' acrobatic and artistic gymnastic skills so they can acquire the intermediate and advanced skills needed to represent the school, Mexico City and Mexico in competition.




(Kinder 1 and Kinder 2):

This goal of this workshop is to stimulate our students' coordination skills through games with clear goals and appropriate to their age. We want students' first contact with a ball to be friendly and fun.


Students learn and develop the skills needed in various track and field activities offered by the school so they can demonstrate them in competition.



The general goal of the soccer workshop is the all-round development of our students in all aspects - physical, psychological, social and affective through learning the basic elements of the sport. The various soccer activities are aimed at developing values and soccer skills and knowledge.

We seek to transform our students' skills and make them more specific depending on their age group. Our training sessions are based on the most modern and innovative methods in early teaching in soccer to promote their individual development and avoid early specialization.



Through Karate-Do Shotokan we seek to promote students' technical and tactical skills with the highest efficiency possible according to the student's age. We also seek to improve students' coordination and conditioning, personal values and ability to coexist with others in benefit of their health and daily life.



Preschool, K-3 and Elementary

Through breathing and play combined with postures our students develop a variety of skills regardless of their physical make-up. From an early age, yoga helps students' combat problems such as lack of concentration, low self-esteem, bullying, digestive disorders and sleep irregularity.

Yoga is a lifestyle and helps with self-control of the body, the mind and the emotions.