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Our Services


The Peterson School library collection is distributed among our five campuses. Our librarians provide full-time service to our community from digital resources such as EBSCO, JSTOR, the Benjamin Franklin Library, the Digital Library of the World, Descarga Cultural UNAM, Tumblebooks and several virtual libraries. The Peterson Libraries provide access to more than 50,000 books.


The reading curriculum is enriched with programs such as, Raz Kids, Readers’ Club, SuccessMaker and Tumblebooks.


At its various campuses, the Peterson Schools provide cafeterias that offer nutritious menus for our students and staff. A selection of menus carefully examined by a licensed nutritionist that promotes healthy eating habits within our community.


A paramedic is always on duty during the school day at all of our campuses. The Peterson Schools students are insured for medical expenses that cover accidents that happen on campus or during school events that take place off-campus.



The Peterson Schools offer a variety of scholarships based on excellence at all our campuses. Our institution believes that education should be accessible and diverse, basing achievements on merit. We offer Financial Aid from Preschool to High School.


The Trust Fund guarantees that, in case of parents’ death or permanent disability, their children can continue their studies. The Trust Fund is overseen by the Parent Teacher Association (PTA) and the Scholarships Committees.


As part of our commitment of safeguarding the environment and being eco-friendly, the Cuajimalpa, Pedregal, Paseo and Tlalpan campuses offer school bus transportation. The service is provided by leading school bus companies. Routes are established by each campus. Buses are certified and meet Mexico City's environmental regulations. Every school bus not only has a driver but also a person responsible for keeping order and ensuring students' safety. The buses are equipped with seatbelts and two-way radios.