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Welcome to Dr. Marvin Peterson's Page.

Dear Reader,

Dr. Marvin Peterson, together with his wife, Leni, are the founding members of the Peterson Schools and have more than 65 years of experience in education and parental success. Dr. Peterson was awarded a doctorate from Stanford, taught there, and today continues to read professional books and research documents from major universities on a regular basis.

Dr. Peterson maintains a fundamental involvement in the Peterson School's leadership and direction. After years of extensive dedication reading business books and financial magazines such as Money, Fortune, Inc., Forbes, The Economist, and Fast Company, he has become very well informed about future trends and job opportunities. As a result, the Peterson Schools are filled with competent and carefully chosen professionals who are committed to sharing their expertise.  

This website will be a platform where Dr. Peterson will share relevant and engaging topics that will underlie valuable skills in raising children. By combining beneficial data and insights, weekly articles will reveal a path to any child’s success and significantly contribute into preparing them for the complex and exciting future that lies ahead.

Together we will learn how to help our children to be happy & successful.  

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