Our students thrived in the MakeX Mexico Robotics Competition!

MakeX is an annual international robotics competition sponsored by Makeblock for elementary, middle, and high school students. It focuses on promoting multidisciplinary learning within the fields of science and technology and fostering a spirit of creativity, collaborative work, knowledge-sharing, and problem-solving.


MakeX has two national categories: MakeX Starter Smart Links for Elementary and Middle School students and MakeX Challenge Intelligent Innovator for High School students. In both categories, participants are guided to solve practical problems that challenge their minds and allow them to realize their full potential and areas of opportunity to improve their performance, skills, and problem-solving abilities. 


This year, the national phase of the competition was held on April 28, 29, and 30 at Colegio Internacional de México. 30 schools from all over Mexico participated in both categories, and the Peterson Schools was no exception. 


After 8 qualifying rounds, our High School and Middle School teams won first and second place in the national competition, which earned them a spot in the MakeX Robotics World Tournament to be held in China at the end of the year, after teaming up with the Instituto Politécnico Nacional and doing an extraordinary job together.


Led by their teachers, Yair Xolalpa (MS), Francisco Rivera (MS), Edgar Rivera (HS) and Alexis Islas (HS), the High School team (Sergio Guillin, Mauricio Gómez, Guillermo Madrigal, Esteban González, Sebastián Jiménez, Leo U'ren, Reyan Garg) and the Middle School team (Aranza Vela, Joaquín López, Paula Valladares and Emiliano Tornell) demonstrated great potential and talent by playing strategic roles in the fields of driving, electronics, programming, mechanics and planning.


We are immensely proud of the great potential and talent of our students! We are absolutely sure that their passion for learning will drive them to successfully represent our country abroad and that unforgettable experience will motivate them to continue developing their skills for future academic, personal, and professional challenges.