Running For a Cause



Our first in-person race, the Peterson Viking Run 2022, took place at the Bosque de Chapultepec on Saturday, March 12. It was a great success thanks to the enthusiasm of the Peterson Community. Approximately, 750 people participated across all categories, from two-year-olds up to adults and even beautiful pets that paraded through the Bosque de Chapultepec. 

The event not only brought joy to the community but the funds raised will go to noble causes like Vikings United, our scholarship fund, and the EDUPAM Foundation.

The winners by category are the following:

Girls 50m

1st place: Alessandra A.

2nd place: Paulina T.

3rd place: Renata L.

Boys 50m

1st place: Matías F.

2nd place: Carlos L.

3rd place: Giorgio C.

Girls 100m

1st place: Camila M.

2nd place: Sofía C.

3rd place: Paula D. N.

Boys 100m

1st place: José Miguel P.

2nd place: Leonardo R.

3rd place: Sabino V.

Boys 200m

1st place: José Miguel P.

2nd place: Mauricio T.

3rd place: Alejandro A.

Girls 200m

1st place: Mariana M.

2nd place: Valeria T.

3rd place: Alice A.

Moms 200m

1st place: Yunel S.

2nd place: Mariana L.

3rd place: Carolina D.

Dads 200m
1st place: David L.
2nd place: Alonso V.
3rd place: Christian G.

Women 3K

1st place: Gabriela M.

2nd place: Andrea H.

3rd place: Alejandra F.  

Men 3K

1st place: Edgar G.

2nd place: Miguel R.

3rd place: Mikel R.

Women 5K

1st place: Lorena M.

2nd place: Elena M.

3rd place: Angélica R.

Men 5K

1st place: Lucas R.

2nd place: Carlos A.

3rd place: Christian J.

Women 10K

1st place: Georgina C.

2nd place: Laura Mera

3rd place: Alejandra Q.

Men 10K

1st place: José Daniel T.

2nd place: Omar M.

3rd place: Austin Benj.

We congratulate all the runners as we are all winners!! 

We would like to thank Juan Garza, who donated Tupperware kits for the winners.