High School Students Get a Glimpse Of The Real World

When choosing a professional career we have certain expectations that might not be met when we enter the real world. A list of subjects offered by universities might seem attractive but once in the field, things might look very different.

With the purpose of showing the Peterson students what they can expect after their university years, we held our (Inter)National Career Day for the third time. Therefore, on February 18, 2022 students, professionals and university representatives got together to hold a series of conferences and workshops on different topics. 

Students had the opportunity to learn about careers, universities and opportunities after Peterson, both in Mexico and abroad. Consequently, students will be able to plan their future and make better decisions with the information they received. 

The (Inter)National Career Day was a dynamic event where students were presented with a variety of activities, from language classes (German), workshops on decision making, soft skills needed, and conferences on different topics such as Economics, Law, Medicine, Engineering, Journalism, Communications and much more.

We are confident that our students got a better insight in what they want to do after their educational journey at the Peterson Schools!