The Creekcast: From Creative Outlet to World-Reaching Project

Very much tied to creativity and ingenuity, our spotlight this month is of two of our very own Cuajimalpa students. The Creeketz, Rodrigo Maza and Mariano Huerta, chatted with us about their collaborative project, a podcast called the Creekcast (really worth checking out!!). Their activist-centered, witty, world-reaching, and thought-provoking content will keep you entertained for hours. In the interview, they told us all about how their project evolved to be a pandemic-era gem. Especially now, the world’s adaptation of meetings through virtual resources has allowed them to reach the far corners of the world and chat with incredibly interesting people.

Stemming from a collaborative school project, Rodrigo and Mariano told us about the intricacies of creating a podcast. Everything from the tech and research behind figuring out the
interviews, bit-size content, ads, and coming up with the artwork and music that ties it all together. Both Mariano and Rodrigo touch on what really allowed them to create this project. Their origin story began
when their Middle School teacher, Marli Jane Greenway, gave them a way to take their education beyond by providing “an outlet to do more interesting projects”, said Mariano. This included everything from music videos to podcasts. Evolving from one to the other allowed them to go beyond the classroom to create an ongoing real-life project.
From this enriching foundational space, both co-hosts talked about what inspired them to choose their topics and speakers. Rodrigo shared “the idea is to bring in people that are looking to actively change things...within their direct community or a bigger community” as a way to break out of our “bubble” by talking to various people with mindsets that really “want to make a positive impact.”
Some of their favorite episodes include The Power of the People ft. Ann Makosinski, and how the Canadian inventor’s entrepreneurship outlook, her passion for STEAM, and her deep enjoyment of film have shaped her journey. The Battle for Nature ft. The Black Mambas was another favorite, as they invited Craig Spencer and Leitah to speak of the only all-female anti-poaching organization, The Black
Intrigued? Don’t miss out on all their content by clicking here. Their Instagram has some great content as well. The full interview is available below. Stay tuned! Source: Viking Impact: Social Responsibility Newsletter