The Peterson Schools Takes STEM Week To The Next Level

On November 3, 4 and 5 our Middle School and 9th & 10th-grade High School students celebrated their traditional STEM Week. In education, this term stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics and its focus is on a student-centered learning environment with real world applications to foster collaboration, communication, research, problem solving, creativity, and critical thinking. 

The highlight of this year was that we partnered up with Curious Cardinals, an organization formed by top students from prestigious universities such as Stanford, Harvard, Princeton and MIT, among others, who mentor younger students and inspire them to be innovators and critical thinkers. 

Accordingly, Peterson students participated in workshops led by Curious Cardinals with the support of our STEM teachers. The topic was ‚ÄúSustainable Cities and Communities‚ÄĚ and the goal was to ideate a solution supported by machine learning and sustainable design.

There were a total of 436 participants distributed among 108 teams of mixed groups and grades. "I really enjoyed the project and meeting new people, as well as learning a lot about the different ways of construction," said an 8th grade student. 

The guest speaker of the event was Professor Kevin Hsu from Stanford University, hailing from Singapore who talked about Sustainable Urban Design. "It was good learning that we need to make the change of mindset," mentioned a 6th grade student. 

The college students that mentored the Peterson students were specialists on their topics, and worked through the workshop, which really transmitted tangible and valuable information. As a 10th grade student indicated "It was amazing! I learned a lot about the topic and from my mentor. I will definitely keep working on my idea."

During the STEM week, students were very engaged and propositive. Among the projects they came up with was the Drone at Sea project: drones carrying out to the sea ideonella sakaiensis bacterias that feed on plastic and biodegradable packages made out of micelio.

These types of events certainly reflect what the essence and values of the Peterson community. Clearly, our values of creativity and curiosity are primordial during the STEM week.