Social Impact: Peterson Schools Supporting Other Institutions

One of Peterson Schools’ core values is responsibility. It is defined as the action of fulfilling our responsibilities with dedication, discipline, and perseverance.  In line with this value, our community has always acted in the best interest of its students, teachers, parents, and alumni, while making sure that each member is conscious of the rippling effect their positive actions have on our society as a whole.  

Some examples of the Peterson Schools’ Social Responsibility actions include the recycling projects, through Escuela Promesa, and the Sharing and Appreciating campaign that benefits our cleaning and maintenance staff. However, looking for ways to always help others, we have recently supported other institutions.

Thermometers for Public Schools

Through ACOMM, Association of Multicultural Schools in Mexico, an organization that I have the honor to be Vice President, Peterson Schools donated 150 thermometers for public schools in Mexico City to help guarantee a safe return to school for children throughout the city.   These were channelled through the Mexico City SEP authorities.  

Las Águilas Kindergarten

At the end of the 2020-21 school year, the Parent Association made a donation to “Las Águilas Kindergarten” with which they bought buckets, brooms, mops, clothes, and gloves of different colors. Mónica Durán, Head of the Paseo Campus,  and Alejandra Reyes, Paseo’s Technical Director, were the representatives of Peterson Schools in charge of delivering the materials to Aracely Martínez Guerra, Director of Las Águilas Kindergarten. 

On Friday, August 27, Dr. Carlos Pantoja, epidemiologist and consultant for Peterson Schools, along with Verónica López, Maintenance and Cleaning Coordinator of Paseo Campus, and the cleaning staff trained parents and employees of Las Águilas Kindergarten on various effective cleaning procedures to prevent the spread of COVID 19. For instance, the color of gloves used will depend on the area needing sanitization and the materials they will use (soap, chlorine, biberts, etc.). All the training procedures are in line with the safety and security protocols we use at our campuses. 

Peterson Schools made the commitment to continue supplying all the cleaning supplies that Las Águilas Kindergarten will need throughout the  2021-22 school year. 

Support for Cuajimalpa Neighbor Public Schools

Dr. Pantoja also provided similar training to the teachers and staff of the public Elementary in front of our Cuajimalpa Campus last week.  In addition, we are donating a Koblenz sanitizing “fogger” to all three neighboring schools; the same Elementary,  the public Preschool and to the CAM-23 Special Education school that are our neighbors as well.  Training on the use of the sanitizing devices is being provided to all the schools in order to support the daily  sanitization of their facilities. 

Sanitizing Cleaners, Chromebooks, and Desks donated to Pedregal Public Elementary

On Tuesday, September 7, Peterson Schools Pedregal Campus made a donation to Ricardo Gómez Elementary Schools. Leni Peterson, Deputy Director, delivered 20 desks, three chromebooks,  and a sanitizing “fogger” to Prof. Adrián Pérez, Zone Supervisor.