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The Peterson Schools Mini-Olympic Games

In the mid 90's, the Peterson Schools held a sport event called "Mini-Olympics" where students from all the campuses competed in different sport activities such as 100-meter dash, relay race, soccer, among others, in order to promote sports and fellowship in school.

What is a Cognia Certification?

Cognia’s accreditation process guarantees that the school meets the necessary requirements to provide high-level international education.

MS and HS Health Day 20-21

Health Day was celebrated on March 24 and both MS and HS had a wonderful day full of entertainment, learning and reflection on the importance of their health and wellbeing during the pandemic.

Unifying a Worldwide IB Teaching Community

Peterson Schools HS Counselor Julián Gómez on how IA Moderation Day has become a successful strategy to build a strong collaborative coalition of IB teachers from all over the world

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