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Importance of the Montessori System

The main goal in a Montessori classroom is to ensure that each child feels safe and to promote their independence in an harmonious, respectful and orderly ambience. By feeling safe, he will love to learn and bring out his potential, and independence will contribute to the child's decision making and the satisfaction of accomplishing things on his own. Lifelong tools are being acquired by the child, including respect, love and care for others and the environment.

In Montessori, the way to evaluate is by constant and conscious observations, always respecting each child's rhythm at work, his developmental stage and concentration periods. Being aware of sensitive periods eases the acquisition of abilities.

"The real educator is at the service of the student; therefore, she must cultivate humility to walk alongside the child, learn from him and together form a community." Montessori facilitates the child’s intrinsic need to learn, predict & control his world independently.

This is clearly demonstrated if you watch a child begin to walk. Their drive is so intense that it is very difficult to prevent them from succeeding. They will stand, hold onto any support, shuffle along a table, fall (usually sitting down), get up and try again and again until finally the day comes when they let go, hold out their arms for balance and shuffle from one place to another. There is a smile of triumph on their faces and they repeat it again and again, increasing the distance and speed until they are running.