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The first six years of your children’s life set the fundamentals for their development as human beings. The building of their personalities happens within this age group. Due to our extensive and careful studies of a variety of educational models, the Peterson Schools chose The Montessori Method as the core of its Pre-School education program. 

The system the Peterson School offers has been carefully designed to provide each child with the necessary skills they need for their formation as independent individuals. While a child may perceive the world as confusing and enormous, the Montessori Method helps them obtain the order and the structure they need to give them the fundamentals and confidence for their development. This helps them perform soft skills such as critical thinking, problem solving and time management.

A Montessori environment involves grouping children of different ages in the same classroom. Each child works with material according to his/her age and unique characteristics, carefully supervised by a guide. The child learns at his/her own pace under an individual learning plan. Each activity that a child performs leads him/her towards the next stage and, as a result, the child builds his learning process. Essentially, children in the Montessori classroom learn in four different areas: everyday life, sensorial development, mathematics and language. Montessori learning is based on four fundamental pillars - seeking a sense of order in the world, coordination, concentration on a task and finally repetition of a successful task.

Besides all academic classes being taught in English, we offer daily oral English classes given by a specialized English teacher to consolidate pronunciation and language fluency.