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Physical Education

The Physical Education Department is a unit destined to contribute to the well-rounded education of our students through a focus on health, sports and recreation. Our purpose is to foster the students’ physical, mental and social development, as well as to promote a healthy lifestyle through positive attitudes and values.

In the Physical Education Department we work with students at various educational levels, our model responds to national and international programs. Our teachers seek to lead our students to develop new skills and healthy habits, through a planned learning program according to age and grade level:

During Preschool, in addition to teaching the “Aprendizajes Clave” program of the Ministry of Education, we work with our own psychomotor program with which we seek to impact our youngest students in their motor achievements, focusing our attention on their motor skills such as locomotion, manipulation, coordination and balance. This learning impacts our students in three key areas:

  1. Thinking area
  2. Socio-emotional area and 
  3. Physical-motor area

With our elementary, middle and high school students we seek to establish an interactive module based on national and international curricula, that is primarily focused on continuing to develop physical strength, encouraging team building mindset, discovering new activities, and acquiring important concepts related to health and wellness. This is geared towards helping our students have the knowledge, confidence and skills to develop a physically and mentally healthy lifestyle.