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Viking Voice Podcast

An exciting project released in the 2022-23 school year with the aim of bringing all of our community closer together. Lead by Alfredo Cordero, a Peterson alum of the 2019 class, co-teacher of the IB Film class and film club, and head of the Community Building Special Projects, High School students are in charge of producing, recording, anchoring and designing this new podcast, focused on news, events and personalities relevant to the Peterson Community.
Episodes will be released every two weeks, with one week for pre-production and one week for editing, and will be posted on the website, along with other Peterson social network profiles. Students will have the opportunity to choose the topics and guests, all related to the Peterson community. This listening experience is aimed at all of our community members, from current students to alumni, parents and teachers alike, with episodes being released in both English and Spanish.
The students participating in this first iteration of the project are the following:
  • Patricio Ávila (10th grade, Director)
  • Natalia Wunch and Natalia Prado (11th grade, Producers)
  • Tomás Coen and Sergio Luis Guillin (10th grade, Writers)
  • Valentina Romero and Mauricio Fosado (12th grade, Hosts)
  • Lucas Rodríguez (9th grade, Host)
  • Regina Sánchez (11th grade, Host)
  • Reyan Garg (10th grade, Editor)
  • Miguel Alemán (12h grade, Sound Design and Editor)
  • Sofía Espinosa and Andrea Dubois (12th grade, Graphic Design)
  • Franco Huerta (11th grade, Graphic Design)
These types of projects reflect the spirit of the Peterson community: always seeking to innovate and keep all members united.
Listen al episodes here: