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Why Peterson?

Today, children face many challenges. The world is constantly changing and the pace of development is accelerating. 

Due to globalization, our students must deal with world-wide competition. Providing children with the best tools to handle these challenges can make a big difference in their ability to succeed. 

To take on these challenges, we've been developing and growing in Mexico City for the past 56 years. We are the oldest English-speaking Montessori Preschool in Mexico, the first Google Reference School in Latin America, and the first K-12 school to have an IB Global School, while also being accredited in the United States through Southern Association of Independent Schools (SAIS) and Cognia. With these tools and many others, we strive to prepare students to become open-minded, multicultural, diverse and inclusive global citizens.


Global Education

What does a global education imply today?

  • A Personalized Education
  • A Holistic Education
  • A Multicultural Environment
  • Leading Edge Technology
  • Development of Self-esteem and Self-confidence
School Profile 2022-23 (downloadable)