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Meet Director General Ken Peterson

Born in Mexico City, Ken spent his early childhood in California and in Portland, Oregon.  Then he returned to Mexico City with his parents as a preschool student when they founded the Peterson School in what is now our Lomas Campus.  His earliest memories are of living in the upper part of the house and of attending classes in the lower part.  He then continued at Peterson until 7th grade, the highest level offered at that time, and graduated from High School at The American School Foundation.

In his time at Peterson, Ken has been a student, teacher, parent, business manager, campus head and has served as Director General since 1994. Some of his achievements include:

Project Manager
Led the design process for the master plans of the Cuajimalpa,Tlalpan and Paseo Campuses.  Participated in overseeing the final designs of most of the major buildings and in the bidding processes and the supervision of the construction of the same.  Worked closely with parent volunteers in our construction committees during each project to improve the same and seek better suppliers.
Championed multiple technology initiatives for their implementation in the Schools, working with key outside suppliers including Apple, Google, Microsoft and Dell.  Oversaw the implementation of our one-to-one programs, for MacBooks, iPads and Chromebooks throughout the different sections.  Supported the process to achieve the Google Reference for Education certification for the Schools, becoming the first so recognized in Latin America.  Promoted important investments in software, networks, bandwidth and other support requirements for a successful educational technology program.

Obtained accreditation with the Independent Schools Association of the Southwest, being the first school in Mexico to achieve accreditation through independent or private schools.   Since then, this accreditation was switched to a sister organization, the Southern Association of Independent Schools.  Obtained accreditation with the International Baccalaureate Organization to be able to offer the Diploma Program of said organization. He led the opening of the Cuajimalpa Campus, the Paseo preschool, and the opening and closing of the Tlalpan Campus. 

Prior to Peterson, Ken led a start up that developed safes for delivery vehicles and security systems.  Following his masters, he worked as a management consultant for Booz Allen & Hamilton.  

Ken has a BS in Civil Engineering from Rice University, an MBA from Wharton, and has undertaken master level studies in Educational Psychology from the Universidad Iberoamericana and in International Education from Endicott College.

He is very active in external organizations as well.  

  • Founder and Past President of the Alianza de Colegios Multiculturales de México (ACOMM), an association dedicated to promoting the sharing of best practices among multicultural schools as well as providing lobbying efforts with the governmental authorities.
  • President, Educational Foundation of the Americas, Inc. A foundation dedicated to promoting bilingual education in Mexico and the Americas.
  • Member of the Board, Educación para México.  An organization that designs and implements education models for communities with an educational gap that contribute to the comprehensive development of children and young people in Mexico.
  • Past Member of the Board, Mexico City Gold chapter of the Young President´s Organization (YPO)
  • Past Member of the Board, Independent Schools Association of the Southwest (ISAS)

Ken's Lens

This monthly section will share what Ken is focusing on at the moment, both within and outside of the School.