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Director's Message



Each member of the Peterson Community enriches our day-to-day lives. This is how we are able to make our new Mission possible.



As an educational community, our sole aim is to make this Mission a reality. We strive to make each and every one of our students become passionate for what they experience in school: being within a dynamic classroom, understanding teamwork during sports, exerting creativity during an artistic class, expanding their social skills while interacting with friends and faculty, or developing the abilities to manipulate and responsibly use technology. This and much more are what comprise our Peterson Community.

We strive to teach our students that the knowledge and skills taught in school are to be applied throughout their lifetimes. In a rapidly changing world, we try to bridge the gaps that technology has created. How can we prepare our students for the problems of tomorrow? How can we prepare them to constantly update their knowledge when the information they learned in school becomes obsolete or incorrect? How do we prepare them to take on jobs that do not exist? 

We, at the Peterson Schools have become facilitators that teach problem-solving and critical thinking skills. We have created a community that molds global citizens who are driven, responsible, environmentally conscious, creative and curious. This is what motivates the Peterson Schools.



Kenneth Peterson

Director General