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Our Mission

Each member of the Peterson Community enriches our day-to-day lives.
This is how we are able to make our Mission possible.

We are a community that inspires passion for learning and life.

As an educational community, our sole aim is to make this Mission a reality. We strive to make each and every one of our students become passionate about what they experience in school: being within a dynamic classroom, understanding teamwork during sports, exerting creativity during an artistic class, expanding their social skills while interacting with friends and faculty, or developing the abilities to manipulate and responsibly use technology. This and much more are what comprise our Peterson Community.

Embark on an educational adventure like never before with our dynamic Montessori method, delivered entirely in English! 

Unleash your child's potential through an immersive learning experience that fosters curiosity, creativity, and a lifelong love for learning.
Curious to discover more? Dive into our world by watching the next video! Your child's extraordinary educational journey begins here. 

Cuajimalpa Campus
Calle Huizachito 80-A, Lomas de Vista Hermosa, Cuajimalpa de Morelos, 05530 Ciudad de México, CDMX
Phone: 55 9990 8300
Levels: Preschool, Pre-First, Elementary, Middle, and High School.

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Pedregal Campus
Rocío 142, Jardines del Pedregal, Álvaro Obregón, 01900 Ciudad de México, CDMX
Phone: 55 9990 8300
Levels: Elementary

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Paseo Campus
Av. Paseo del Pedregal 1201, Jardines del Pedregal, Álvaro Obregón, 01900 Ciudad de México, CDMX
Phone: 55 9990 8300
Level: Preschool and Pre-First

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Lomas Campus
Monte Himalaya 615, Lomas de Chapultepec, Miguel Hidalgo, 11000 Ciudad de México, CDMX
Phone: 55 9990 8300
Level: Preschool, and Pre-first

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