You child will be facing an increasingly competitive, unstable and changing world. In this world of intense international competition, the opportunities are unlimited for people who are well prepared it is vital to choose a school that will serve as a strategic partner in the development of your child.

 What a world-class education means for your children?

Our academic program is based on that of the best private educational institutions in the United States. The Peterson Schools is the only schools in Mexico that have received accreditation from the Independent Schools Association of the Southwest (ISAS).


The Peterson Schools is recognized for its strength in English, Spanish and mathematics. Based on the results of the ENLACE tests, it is among the best educational institutions in Mexico City. At the High School level, we offer our students the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program. The high academic standards held by the Peterson Schools is illustrated by the fact that more than 80 percent of our graduates are accepted at the college of their choice.


We treat each of our students as a unique individual. We identify each students’ strengths and areas of opportunity so as to implement individual strategies that will allow him or her to reach a level of excellence through teaching 21st Century skills. This is done in close collaboration with their parents. We prepare our students to face the challenges and opportunities of a globalized world through teamwork and activities based on projects that strengthen their oral and written communication skills.


Our students and staff come from 35 different countries. We respect all cultures and religions.


Our goal is to integrate and apply technology to facilitate personalized learning and allow our students to develop the knowledge and skills needed to successfully face the challenges of the 21st Century.


We offer music, art and athletics, as well as a wide variety of extracurricular activities as an integral part of our program. We teach and strengthen our values in all our school activities. All of our students participate in social service activities.


We support the development of self-esteem in our students in a warm and friendly environment. This encourages the formation of one’s own identity and the self-confidence needed to make appropriate decisions.


The Peterson Schools works tirelessly to provide its students with a healthy and drug-free environment. Our health program includes anti-doping testing, emotional management, the development of healthy relationships, Internet safety and the prevention of bullying.


Our commitment is to ensure that our students live full and happy lives. We continually review and update our academic programs and the professional development programs for our teaching staff so that they include the latest educational techniques.


Our programs encourage recycling, water conservation and environmental awareness among our students. The Peterson Schools has been certified by the Mexican Hydroponics Association. We believe our students, who as future leaders will face the responsibility of transforming their communities, their countries and our world, should grow up in an environment that favors social participation and instills awareness of the need to improve conditions in underprivileged communities.


Life habits and fundamental attitudes are developed in childhood. The sophisticated Montessori Method allows our students to develop a solid academic foundation, self-esteem, self-guidance, order and self-confidence.


Thanks to our participation in the Association of American Schools in the Mexican Republic (ASOMEX), our students participate in a wide variety of academic, artistic and athletic competitions. ASOMEX also provide many professional development opportunities for our teaching staff.

What a world class education menans for your children

• It determines the colleges they can attend.
• It determines the professions they can choose.
• It determines what companies they can work for. International corporations are looking for the most skilled and competent staff.
• It determines whether they are prepared to take advantage of the opportunities provided by the global market.
• It will determine their opportunities for promotion and excellent working conditions.
• It will determine whether they will be able to start their own businesses or be their own boss.
• It determines the kind people who they will meet and with whom they may choose to build a life together.
• It determines the level of happiness in they will find in their lives. This has a big impact on divorce rates.
• It determines to a large degree whether or not they will lead a healthy lifestyle.
• It determines how and where they will live and how and where their children and grandchildren live.

Your children will not only receive an education of superior quality, but also they will probably be able to begin their lives as adults with financial advantages.

A world-class education is the best investment you can make for your child.

You cannot buy a first-class education. You can provide your child with the best home and family environment and carefully choose the school you think will be an effective partner in his/her education. Thus, collaborating closely with the school, you can create the conditions that can lead to a world-class education.

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