The Cuajimalpa, Pedregal and Tlalpan campuses of the Peterson Schools offer school bus service as part of our commitment to the environment and to increase our student’s security. The school bus service is provided by leading companies with broad experience in the field who have a reputation for safe and timely service. Bus drivers working for these companies are evaluated for their driving skills and receive ongoing training to keep them up-to-date.The school buses are connected via radio with each other, with the bus company bases and with the school. Each campus has a Head of Route whose job is to ensure the bus rules are obeyed, supervise the students, assist students with boarding and unboarding buses and ensuring the safety of all.

School buses are all equipped with seat belts and meet the government’s pollution and safety regulations. Drivers must strictly abide traffic regulations. For further information about school buses, please contact the head of transportation at each campus.* The school bus service is mandatory for students at the Cuajimalpa campus after Kindergarten 3, except for students living outside the service area or who live less than 500 meters from the campus.

Lomas Campus: Service not available.
Cuajimalpa Campus: Laura Sánchez
Phone: 5813-0114 / 5813-0116 ext. 124
Pedregal Campus: Claudia Montaño
Phone: 5568-7012 / 5568-3139
Tlalpan Campus:
Francisco Mancilla
Phone: 5849-1884 / 5849-1885