The students at the Peterson Schools have an active role in the activities relating to the values and social service programs. The students work as volunteers at several foundations to raise funds, organize events and spend quality time with children who suffer from life-threatening illnesses. This is an important exercise in awareness creation for young, future leaders who will be responsible for changing their communities, their countries and the world.

All of the students at the Peterson Schools carry out some social service activities corresponding to their grade level beginning at age five. Students collect food and emergency supplies for the victims of natural disasters, they spend quality time with children from low-income communities, children who are physically or mentally challenged and with the elderly. They collect funds and donate toys, supplies and winter coats for those in need.

Within International Baccalaureate, students participate in the Creativity, Action and Service Program (CAS) where they work on planned activities to provide services based on their own proposals, thoughts and initiative.

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