Through observations made by teachers and psychologists in each section, we identify areas of opportunity in our students’ all-round development related to language, psychomotor skills, attention, vision, hearing and behavior.

The Psychology team conducts meetings with parents, teachers and principals and makes suggestions and recommendations on strategies to adopt. In some cases, it will refer students for psychological assessment or treatment and work with the therapists and parents.

The Psychology Department supports the Peterson Schools’ values program through a variety of age-appropriate activities. The Preschool Development Panel has preventative purposes and the Emotions Workshop provides young children with the opportunity to develop their emotional skills related to self-knowledge, self-esteem and establishing relationships with others.

Parents are provided with a written report and are invited to a meeting to provide feedback on the processes their child has undergone.


The Psychology Department has a program aimed at the prevention of Bullying and promoting a physically and psychologically healthy environment at the Peterson Schools.

The CRECE Program helps educate parents on a variety of topics related to child development.

The Psychology Department participates in process of admission of new students to the school. It diagnoses development based on age and making skill development strategies recommendation if needed.

It also takes part in the recruitment and selection of school staff members by applying psychological examinations.

Staff training and development is also supported by the Psychology Department through courses and workshops relating to working directly with children.