The Board
Dr. Marvin Peterson

Dr. Russel E. Kennedy
Mr. Erik Peterson
Mr. Jorge Flores

Mr. Daniel Bello Roch

Advisory Directors
Dr. Vivian Antaki
Mr. Angel Azorín
Mr. Agustín Legorreta Chauvet
Mr. Abdón Hernández
Mr. José N. Harb
Mr. Manuel Villagordoa
Mr. Frank Pedraza
Dr. Max Tudor

 Director’s profile

Mr. Kenneth A. Peterson

Professional Education: Rice University, Civil Engineering, University of Pennsylvania, Postgraduate Studies; Universidad Iberoamericana, Psychology.

Working Experience: Cuajimalpa Rotary Club Chairman; member of Program, Professional Development and Membership Committees, Independent Schools Association of the Southwest, Secretary and Treasurer, Instituciones de Enseñanza Particular de la República Mexicana, A. C. (Private Teaching Institutions in Mexico, Civil Association) Director, Educational Foundation of the Americas, Manager and Teacher in Peterson School; Consultant, Booz Allen & Hamilton Inc. and Executive Director of Sistemas Protectores, S. A. de C. V.

Tlalpan Campus Director
David Jones

Professional Education: BSc (Hons) in Geography from Middlesex University, London; Post Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) from The Institute of Education, University of London; MSc in Social Policy and Planning from The London School of Economics and Political Science, University of London.
Experience: 1988-91 Teacher and Education Officer, the London Borough of Brent. 1991-94 Head of Educational Support Services in the Gambia, W. Africa. On returning to the UK, whilst teaching and studying he also became a consultant and trainer for the UK development agency VSO preparing teachers and other professionals to work in overseas postings. In 1997 he took up a teaching position in the Lancaster School and was appointed as the school’s Academic Director in 1999. In 2003 he became a campus director for the Lancaster School as well as an international schools evaluator for the LAHC. David is also an IB trainer and evaluator and has worked as a consultant to UNESCO in matters relating to Education for Sustainable Development. David is originally from North Wales in the United Kingdom.

Pedregal Campus Director
Miss. Cristina Santalo

Lomas Campus Director
Ms. Leni Peterson

Cuajimalpa Campus Director
Ms. Nancy Peterson

 Teacher´s Profile

Petersonteachers have a comprehensive education and support vision for a comprehensive development of children. I mean, they are prepared to act as guides in educating students, not only in academics, but also in skills, values, self-esteem and mental health.
Peterson teachers are receptive, good supervisors, good mediators, charismatic, good observers and they know how to create and use control systems with children, with other teachers, parents and with their superiors.

They demonstrate they hold high personal standards, honesty and ability to promote communication and cooperation and they work at every level of the organization, proposing the best options and getting the best outcome. Peterson teachers are tolerant with mistakes and frustration. They know how to adapt to changing circumstances and they are able to guide other teachers in understanding academic goals and in defining goals in an ample way without restricting creativity. They have an excellent ability to clearly define problems and the ability to work with complex problems with parents and students.

By the same token, Peterson teachers analyze, enrich and energize their working teams permanently.

Being a central axis in Peterson student education of excellence, teachers are part of a constant and continuous training program that updates their knowledge with the support of the school Direction.

 Student´s Profile

The Peterson Schools teach a high-level academic, bicultural and totally bilingual program to students of every nationality and belief.

They are multicultural because they include more than 35 countries in their community; therefore, respect and understanding of different cultures, religions and beliefs is accepted by each and everyone for the growth of the global context where we will be shortly living.

Peterson students move in a high-performance standard environment; they learn to relate with a big array of individuals of their culture and from other countries; they learn to take care of the environment, to use state-of-the-art technology and fluently handle two languages. We recognize an individual with a robust self-esteem and a value framework that leads him/her into acting on his behalf as well as on others’ behalf, in every one of them. They have a critical attitude; they are capable of understanding and being curious and they love to learn.

Profile of a Graduate of excellence

• They have a robust academic education.
• They have a great human education.
• They have great ability for research and for understanding relevant information and using it for problem solving.
• They are fluently bilingual.
• They are very competent for receiving, processing and conveying information via electronic means.
• They are curious and they love learning.
• They have the ability to communicate both verbally and in writing.
• They are interested in their culture and in that of other countries.
• They are creative and disciplined.
• They have the ability to behave and act with logical and orderly thinking.
• They are creative, logical and analytical.
• They have the ability to decide for themselves, for their own good as well as for the community’s good.
• They know how to dream about the future with their personal goals.
• They are emotionally and socially sound.
• They have a high self-esteem.
• They know how to manage success as well as adverse situations.
• They are honest with themselves and with others.
• They are interested in their physical development and in staying healthy.
• They have a self-critical skill.
• They have a positive attitude towards the natural and social environment surrounding them.
• They have a critical attitude towards understanding their reality and changing it for their own good and for the good of their community, accepting and fostering change at the same time.
• They have the ability to work and have fun as a team.
• They are socially and ecologically responsible leaders.
• They have the ability to act responsibly without being overseen.
• They have a different attitude towards the indiscriminate consumption of non renewable natural resources, preventing consumption of products that are not necessary.
• They don’t attack their listeners or nature.
• They are sensitive and participative in political issues.


• Instituto Tecnológico de Estudios Superiores Monterrey (TEC)
• Universidad Iberoamericana
• Universidad de las Américas en Puebla
• Universidad Panamericana
• Universidad Anáhuac del Norte
• CESSA San Ángel


Thanks to the high academic level as well as competences and skills our students graduate with, they are able to obtain direct qualifications for registering at:

• Universidad de las Américas en Puebla
• Universidad Panamericana
• Universidad Anáhuac


• Carleton University, Canadá
• Centro Diseño, Cine y Televisión
• Cessa Universidad
• Complutense de Madrid, España
• Fermatta
• Gato Dumas, Argentina
• Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México (ITAM)
• Instituto Tecnológico de Estudios Superiores (TEC DE MONTERREY)
• Keystone College, Estados Unidos
• Les Roches, Suiza
• Luiss Guido Carli, Roma
• New York University, Abu Dhabi
• Parsons, Paris
• Politécnica de Madrid
• Universidad Anáhuac
• Universidad Iberoamericana
• Universidad Panamericana (UP)
• Vancouver Film School, Canadá


• Business Administration
• Tourist Administration
• Architecture
• Architecture of the Interior
• Business & Economics
• Political Science & Public Administration
• Musical Composition
• Communication
• Communication & Marketing
• Accounting & Business Administration
• Law
• Law & Finance
• Leisure Business Management
• Restaurant Management
• Financial Management
• Interior Design
• Fashion Design
• Graphic Design
• Industrial Design
• Interactive Design
• Economics
• Engineering Smart Technologies
• Finance
• Foundation Visual Arts & Design
• Gastronomy
• Hotel & Catering Industry
• Civil Engineering
• Systems & Technology Engineering
• Industrial Engineering
• Mechatronics Engineering
• Industrial Technology Engineering
• Modern Language & Cultural Management
• Mathematics
• Marketing
• Marketing & Advertising
• International Business
• Nutrition
• Psychology
• International Relations
• Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development

 Parent´s Profile
The Peterson Schools not only receives students, but it receives families; this means that parents are constantly cooperating in the development of their children and of the school itself.

Peterson parents have a robust education; more than 75% of our fathers and 45% of our mothers have a Masters or postgraduate studies. They recognize the importance of a good education and they insist on its quality and on teamwork with the school.
They are parents who are also looking for academic excellence, for a high education in values, that their children grow in a healthy environment and that they have the opportunity of developing their skills and talents both sport and artistic ones. They are parents who are looking for a multicultural framework that enables their children to develop competences in an ever-growing globalized world.