The Pedregal campus currently accommodates 620 students in Preschool and Primary. Founded in 1976, our campus has a staff of education professionals dedicated to comprehensive and personalized education of children.


Five Children’s House rooms and a Children’s Community equipped with Montessori material. Two rooms for Oral English classes.

A multipurpose room is used for Art and Music classes. Physical Education classes and recess take place in our two patios. Our library has a collection of 500 books and is equipped with a listening center.


We have 21 classrooms for Elementary School classes. The classrooms have smart boards to assist students’ learning. Several rooms are designed for special classes such as Music and Art. The campus offers two computer labs equipped with 25 iMac computers each. In addition we have a Virtual Library equipped with 25 laptops. A special room is designated for technological resources and a multipurpose room.

Our library has a collection of more than 8,000 books and computers for investigation purposes. Physical Education classes take place on the athletic field. We also have three patios for children to carry out recreational activities. The campus also boasts a hydroponics lab. School times are from 7:45 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.


The Children’s House at Pedregal campus is authorized as part of the system of the Department of Public Education (SEP) and we currently accommodate five Children’s House groups and one Babies’ Room. Classes are held Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

Based on the idea of a Montessori environment, our facilities are designed so that the children learn to handle things in a safe environment, allowing them to grow, learn and develop in a comprehensive manner. Each classroom has an iMac computer on which the children work under the supervision of their Montessori guide.

In Children’s House, there is also a multipurpose room where artistic activities, such as music and art, are carried out.

We have two Oral English rooms and a library that the children visit regularly where we encourage participation in a reading club. This year they reached the hallmark of having read 1,000 books.


At the Pedregal campus, we are committed to carrying out, in an appropriate and responsible manner, all the activities that children need for their physical and emotional development. From Pre-First to 6th grade of Elementary School, each group contain a maximum of 25 students.

As a means of supporting the emotional development of the children, we hold an emotions workshop where they learn to express their feelings and they work on how to show them. Theater classes and science lab are also offered. In the latter, experiments are carried out that involve the use of the scientific method and students are shown how this can be incorporated into their daily lives.

Through creativity, humans show their emotions, feelings and knowledge, providing different perspectives on the same idea. At the Pedregal campus, we believe it is very important to provide students with the tools to do this through artistic activities that encourage comprehensive development. For this, we have rooms that provide the space and the equipment needed.

The teaching and administrative staff at the campus is constantly training in order to incorporate new teaching strategies into their activities to further significant learning in children.

Our admissions process is open throughout the year, subject to availability of space.


Leni Peterson or Azul Gomez




Rocio 142, Jardines del Pedregal, Alvaro Obregón, Mexico City, C.P. 01900.


The Pedregal School has various workshops where children can develop creativity, language and physical and emotional and musical skills.


Yoga, soccer, violin, chess, tae kwon do, dance, clay modeling, music, crafts, gardening, English.


Chess, TDK, cooking, Tahitian, chorus, soccer, basketball, volleyball, track and field, yoga, percussion instruments, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, band, piano, violin, French, robotics, Mandarin, music.