In Middle School and High School, teaching is in English and Spanish to ensure that students are able to understand and communicate with those in other cultures. The academic program and the activities are divided nearly equally between the two languages at all grade levels so that the students master both languages.

We instill pride in the culture and country of origin of our students within a framework of understanding and respect for other cultures races, and religions. The main objective in Middle School is to reinforce and broaden students’ habits and skills so as to achieve comprehensive development, allowing them to mature through attitudes and aptitudes and to continue their academic education and personal development.

The goal of High School (SEP) at our Tlalpan campus and of the CCH (UNAM-affiliated High School of Sciences and Humanities) at the Cuajimalpa campus is to promote students’ ability for methodical and rigorous thought, along with the skills needed to search for, order and evaluate information in order to take on an ethical attitude in the application of knowledge. Our students also acquire the necessary knowledge to continue on to college.

Our graduates have gone on to the best colleges and universities in Mexico and other countries. Such as the Universidad Iberoamericana, Universidad Anahuac, ITAM, Universidad de las Américas and Endicott College in Mexico and the University of Texas and Stanford in the United States.

Within the community, the Peterson Schools is known as one of the best bilingual schools in Mexico. Furthermore, it is recognized by the Independent Schools Association of the Southwest (ISAS) and is part of the American Schools Organization of Mexico and the Instituciones de Enseñanza Particular de la República Mexicana, A.C. (IEPRM), organizations that count the highest-quality private schools in Mexico among their members.

The Peterson Schools are authorized as part of the system of the Department of Public Education (SEP) for Middle School. High School at the Tlalpan campus is authorized by SEP while the CCH in Cuajimalpa is part of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) system. Both High Schools offer the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Program.

Our staff of Mexican and foreign teachers all have at least a bachelor’s degree and some of them have completed post-graduate study. The school has a continuous training program for its teachers and has a significant budget for this purpose.

The quality of teaching is recognized by our community and this is confirmed through independent, international testing by the College Board and the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL). Our students receive the highest English language scores in Mexico according to the College Board tests.

secundaria educacion fisica

While the main goal of the health, physical education and athletic program at the Peterson Schools is the physical development of our students, the Physical Education program also supports the comprehensive educational process that strives for their intellectual, social and emotional development.

The Peterson Schools foster an educational program throughout the school year designed to prevent smoking and the use of alcohol and drugs , guaranteeing a drug-free environment for all our students.

The Performing Art” program allows our students to express their feelings and emotions. It allows our students to control their bodies and promotes self-esteem through disciplines such as the plastic arts, drama and music. Our students participate in a variety of intercollegiate artistic activities including the ISAS Art Festival in the U.S. and the ASOMEX Arts Festival involving international schools in Mexico.

secundaria evaluaciones

The quality of teaching is recognized by our community and this is confirmed through independent, international testing by the College Board and the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL). Our students receive the highest English language scores in Mexico according to the College Board tests.

We use diagnostic tools like the NWEA MAP tests to measure the academic progress of our students in areas such as mathematics, use and application of the English language and their level of reading comprehension.

The Mexican government’s ENLACE tests allow for the continuous implementation of classroom strategies to promote personalized learning that are projected through Family Days and Student-Led Conferences.

secundaria valores

For the Peterson Schools, the development of the being is as important as academic education. For this reason, its values program is based on the human development and character formation of its students.

Our focus is on students living and practicing values at all times and in all environments because what makes us excel as human beings is our behavior based on our values. The Peterson Values – Responsibility, Loyalty and Service, Creativity, Curiosity, Respect and Honesty are promoted within all of our campuses assisted by the parent-led Values Committees.

The students at the Peterson Schools have a leading role in the activities that are part of the values program and social service activities. They work as volunteers at various foundations collecting funds, organizing events and spending time with underprivileged or disabled children and senior citizens. This is an exercise in awareness that is very important for young, future leaders that will have the responsibility of transforming their communities, their countries and our world.

secundaria psicologia

The Psychology Department’s functions include providing attention to and guidance of our students and their parents in order to establish an emotional balance that allows our students to develop to their fullest capacity. We seek out students that have learning or emotional difficulties and provide them, their parents and their teachers with psycho-pedagogic support.

The Psychology Department coordinates a group of assessors assigned to students who seek to promote multidisciplinary work in the process of learning. They also provide orientation to promote understanding and conflict resolution.

The Psychology Department works very closely with parents to share knowledge and resources in social and psychological area that affect family dynamics. Our goal is to improve the personal interrelations among family members.The Psychology Department also supports teachers in understanding situations affecting students.

secundaria actividades

Students supplement their central learning through extracurricular activities and acquire new skills, express their feelings, broaden their horizons and work individually and collectively in a more relaxed atmosphere. They are given the opportunity to compete in a healthy manner and to try their hardest to reach their goals, while enjoying acting in front of an audience, the challenge of an athletic competition or the satisfaction of taking on leadership roles in a broad range of activities.

secundaria campamentos

Field trips have the fundamental goal of fostering leadership, social responsibility and appreciation and conservation of Mexico’s biodiversity, as well as solidifying students’ knowledge of history, science and culture through off-campus activities, thus broadening their horizons.