The main objectives of the Peterson Libraries to promote literary appreciation and developing research skills so that students achieve the skills they will require to succeed in the 21st Century. In the years to come, young adults must have full command of cutting-edge technology, be able to apply critical and analytical thought and possess a strong sense of values.

For this purpose the libraries have implemented group sessions with Preschool and Primary students to support academic programs by making research materials available and by promoting recreational reading and personal interest reading.

Infrastructure:The Peterson Schools have nine Libraries distributed in through its four campuses. There are four Preschool libraries, three Primary libraries and two Middle School and High School libraries.
Staff: Our libraries are staffed by full-time librarians and assistants.
Users: Currently there are 2,335 registered users of the Peterson Schools library system including students, teachers and other members of the staff.
Collections: The collections are enriched with digital materials from the EBSCO database and other materials available on the Internet.

The shared digital materials are: the EBSCO database, Tumblebooksand Free virtual libraries on the web. The EBSCO resources make available 7,170 magazines, 338,670 biographies, 430,000 documents, 10,079 newspapers, 6 encyclopedias, 360 reference books, 78,000 poems and 22,500 short stories. Tumblebooks makes available more than 3,000 digital books for Primary and Kindergarten students, 90% of which are in English.

In addition, we have direct access to other free virtual libraries on the internet providing us with access to international newspapers, digitalized original sources and a large number of books on-line. More than 50,000 individual pieces of material are registered in the Peterson Schools library network.

Promotion of reading: In the primary and kindergarten libraries there are reading promotion or Library Skills sessions for each group once a week. These sessions are used to borrow and return books. Book Fairs are held at each campus, where publishers and book distributors present material attractive to students and teachers. Book Fair activities are enriched with storytelling, theater and sessions on research skills.

Programs:The reading program is enriched with the Raz Kids, Reader’s Club and Tumblebooks.

Software:The material catalogue and services are registered and automated through the Altair system.

Web Page:The libraries have a web page containing information on all the Peterson Schools’ libraries, their catalogues and access to resources such as the EBSCO digital databases, digital libraries, Digital Library of the World, Descargacultura UNAM, Benjamin Franklin Library, homework help websites, teachers help sites, science fair help sites, etc.