At the Peterson Schools, we believe that everyone is born with natural curiosity and a desire to learn. We have created a warm, pleasant environment where the values taught at the school are lived and where the natural talent and the self-esteem of each student is encouraged.


Through teaching based on the Montessori Method in English in Preschool and on the constructivist method from Primary School on, our central academic focus consists of highlighting the skills, habits and knowledge necessary for success in English and Spanish in a secular, mixed and multicultural environment.

Special emphasis is placed on mastering information technology, which serves to supplement the academic program and offers students the tools that they need to be successful in their academic and professional lives.

Filosofia Peterson

Education at the Peterson Schools is based on development of competencies and skills.

We offer an innovative curriculum for the teaching and learning process. High-quality educational services are promoted and supported by cutting-edge technological resources and a wide range of interactive multimedia content for the entire community. Collaborative and creative activities reflecting excellence are promoted. Teaching guides motivate teachers and students to apply what they have learned in the classroom to real-world situations.

In our curriculum, evaluation is based on the skills acquired at the different stages of learning. Students are evaluated through projects, skills acquired, public presentations and events. Student success is achieved as a result of a collaborative efforts of school and home.

The curriculum is composed of six formative fields defined by competencies in:

  1. Personal and social development
  2. Language and communication skills development
  3. Development of mathematical thinking
  4. Development of knowledge about and exploration of the world
  5. Development of artistic appreciation and expression
  6. Physical development and health

The competencies attained represent a dynamic combination of knowledge, understanding and skills.

In Preschool, the academic program is strengthened by the Montessori Method and in Primary School it is enriched with a great variety of activities that promote critical thinking, problem solving, methodologies based on multiple types of intelligence as well as emotional intelligence. Upper School is based on the UNAM/SEP requirements and the International Baccalaureate curriculum.



As part of our vision of preparing students for excellence and for facing the global challenges of the 21st Century, the Peterson Schools places great emphasis on its Technology programs covering all grades from Preschool through High School.

Integrating new information and communications technology is an essential part of all school programs at the Peterson Schools.



At the Peterson Schools, classes are given in English and Spanish, thus guaranteeing that our students master two languages and that they furthermore can understand and communicate in them in other cultures. This is indispensable in an increasingly globalized world. We use the immersion technique to strengthen the non-maternal language of each student beginning in Preschool. At all grade levels, the academic program and other activities are split nearly equally between English and Spanish, so that students can become fluent in both.

The Preschool program takes place entirely in English, using the Montessori Method, and is focused on the comprehensive development of the student and allowing each child to advance at his or her own pace.

The foreign students who study for several years at the Peterson Schools return to their home countries with the advantage of a full mastery of English and Spanish. Furthermore, we have student and teacher exchange programs in the United States, Canada and France.


While the main goal of the health, physical education, and athletics programs at the Peterson Schools is the physical development of the students, this program also helps support our all-round educational process that seeks to develop the intellectual, social and emotional aspects of our students. The Peterson Schools promote a program designed to prevent smoking and alcohol and drug abuse. We seek to create a drug-free environment for all of our students.


The main goal of the Peterson Schools is to prepare responsible citizens who will have a positive influence in their communities and are aware of the responsibility they have to themselves, to others and to the environment. In order to reach these goals, we seek to inspire a love of learning, stimulate curiosity and encourage self-esteem and good values.

While we give preference to our fundamental Mexican roots, we have an international focus and we are proud to know that each student who enters the Peterson Schools has an opportunity to live his or her own life in a respectful environment, in a secular educational atmosphere with classmates of different races and countries, where each can grow, contribute and be enriched by others. We look to develop free and responsible men and women who all have the same rights and obligations, who work together to build a better world.