The story of the Peterson Schoolsis the story of a dream that came true. In 1965, Dr. Marvin Peterson and his wife, Leni, dreamed of creating a school that would offer children the opportunity to live happier, more productive lives by creating an environment that would motivate children to successfully develop and grow. They understood that a school is a child’s second home and that children should feel that they are wanted, respected and loved at school.One of the important objectives was to create an environment to stimulate the curiosity and intellect of children, as well as to teach them how to interact and learn values that would allow them to live an honorable and happy life. These are the reasons behind the creation of the Peterson Schools, the first educational institution in Mexico to offer the Montessori Method in English.

Peterson History

Over the years, the Peterson Schools have grown tremendously, thanks to the efforts and support of the Peterson Family and the Peterson community made up of our students, their parents and grandparents, the teaching staff and numerous benefactors. This combination has allowed the Peterson Schools to create an outstanding educational institution that will benefit thousands of students for many more years to come.