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How many students are there per class?
An average of 18 to 20 students, with a maximum number of 25.

How many classes are there per grade?
Generally 2 or 3 groups per grade beginning in Primary School.

What are the percentages of English used?
Preschool: English under the Montessori Method (70%), other classes such as Physical Education, Music, and Psychomotor Activity in Spanish (30%).
Primary: 50% English, 50% Spanish.
Middle School and High School: Depends on the subject distribution in each grade. Math and all Science classes are given in English.

Is the school a secular-religious school?
The schools offer a secular education with a strong values program.

Are school uniforms obligatory?
At the Lomas, Pedregal and Cuajimalpa campuses, uniforms are only worn for physical education. At the Tlalpan campus dress uniforms are also worn.

Are there extracurricular classes?
There is a wide range of extracurricular activities offered at all four campuses, from athletics and arts to academic and cultural activities.

Do you have transportation services?
Lomas: No service available.
Pedregal: Voluntary transportation service.
Tlalpan: Voluntary transportation service.
Cuajimalpa: Mandatory transportation service starting in Kindergarten 3.

What educational model is the teaching based on?
The program begins with the Montessori Method in Preschool, with a transition in Primary School based on a U.S. educational model in which the students are prepared to face the challenges and opportunities in a globalized world through teamwork and activities based on projects to strengthen students’ skills and competencies through personalized teaching.

Do prospective students have to take an admissions exam?
In order to be admitted to the school, prospective students must complete an evaluation process that depends on their age and the grade they would be entering.

What grade levels does the school have?
We accept children as of 1 1/2 years of age to be in the maternal group through to High School (baccalaureate or standard).

Do you have IB certification?
The Peterson Schools offer our students the IB Diploma program at our Tlalpan and Cuajimalpa High Schools. The IB Diploma gives students an important competitive edge for admission to the college of their choice, in Mexico or elsewhere.

Is there an induction program for new students?
The Peterson Schools accept students and families throughout the entire school year. Our student body is accustomed to warmly welcoming new students so that they quickly feel at home in our community. The Peterson School offers a Big Brother/Big Sister program to accompany new students as they join the community. There are also induction sessions.

What is the homework policy?
Homework is considered a habit that reinforces the knowledge acquired in the classroom and an opportunity for our students to develop research skills. Nonetheless, homework, even though it is given on a daily basis, should not be an excessive burden for students. The teachers of the various subjects coordinate to streamline homework assignments and make sure that students don’t have to spend more time than necessary to complete their work.

What are the costs?
For security reasons, costs are provided during the admissions interview.