Thanks to the generosity of visionaries, great developments have been of benefit to our students and will continue to benefit future generations.

All of this progress is thanks to the support of the Peterson Community!

The challenges continue and we count on you to help us achieve our goals. The best is yet to come!


If you wish to join this community of visionaries and want to participate in our projects support please contact:

Karina Galvan
Director of Institutional Development

Thank you for your support!

The Mexican income tax law (ISR) allows you to deduct donations to non-profit institutions in your annual income tax declarations.


The growth of the Peterson Schools from its very beginning in 1965 has been thanks to the generosity of others.

In 1971, parents of students at the Peterson Schools helped the institution create its first campus in the south of Mexico City.

In 1971 and 1975, the Peterson Schools created a Primary and Middle School in Palo Alto thanks to the generosity of the Arango Family.

In 1979, parents were major contributors to the construction of the first building at the

Cuajimalpa Campus. It is now known as the Primary building.

Cooperation between parents and the Peterson Schools resulted in the inauguration of the Cuajimalpa Campus in 1990.

In 1993 the Peterson family ceded ownership of the school to the Board of Directors so it could be established as a non-profit educational institution. With the help of Procter & Gamble, the Peterson Schools built the Preschool building at the Cuajimalpa Campus.


The Peterson community played an important role in the construction of the first stage of the Upper School building at the Cuajimalpa Campus which was inaugurated in 1998.

At the Tlalpan Campus, the Peterson community made important contributions though the Give us a Hand campaign to build the Preschool building.

The generosity of the Peterson Cuajimalpa community made possible the construction of the cafeteria and gymnastics area which opened in 2003.

The Peterson Schools, the Parents’ Association and Microsoft Mexico worked together to create in 2003 the Microsoft Mobile Computer Laboratory for the Primary at the Cuajimalpa Campus.

Friends of the Peterson community such as Jay W. Jensen have made important contributions to expanding and improving the Cuajimalpa campus. Thanks to his generosity we have the Student Walk of Nations, the Upper School auditorium and the Jensen Arts and Sports Complex (MPC).

In 2005, thanks to support from the Peterson community, the second stage of the Upper School building was finished in 2005.

Also in 2005, the Tlalpan Campus conducted its “A Building with Soul” campaign to raise funds for the new Science building.

The Peterson Community, the Parents’ Association and individual donors made possible the Upper School cafeteria and the covering of the Student Walk of Nations in 2009.

The members Peterson community continues to demonstrate its commitment to the education of their children.

They participated in the “Cimentando Sueños” (Cementing Dreams) campaign in 2010 at the Cuajimalpa Campus that raised funds to build the Primary school annex and the reconstruction of the athletic field with artificial turf.

The Peterson Schools appreciates the generous contribution made by the Fundacion Coca-Cola Mexico and Coca-Cola FEMSA to modernize the athletic installations at the Tlalpan Campus. The improved installations, which opened in December 2010, not only help promote athletics among Peterson Schools’ students but are also shared with other local schools as part of the institution’s social commitment.

Thanks to the hard work and commitment of all of the Peterson community, various installations at the Tlalpan Campus were remodeled during 2011 and part of 2012. This culminated in the construction of a grandstand, washrooms and changing rooms in April 2012.

In 2013, the Peterson community contributed to the remodeling of the Upper School cafeteria in 2013 that had as its main goal, offering students better and more comfortable spaces.